Artikel 3: Doel en Middelen


3.1 The Party has the following objectives:

  • a. working towards building a balanced, orderly, just, safe and prosperous society in which equal opportunities for development will apply to every citizen;
  • b. promoting the participation of the population in the development of the country.


3.2 The Party will achieve the objectives as described in Article 3.1 by, among other things:

  • a. to participate in the elections for the deputies to the people's representative bodies, where it is the task of the deputies to propagate and realize the goals of the Party;
  • b. raise standards, values, morals and ethics in a general sense;
  • c. by contributing to the development or promotion of service leadership, so that justice will elevate the nation;
  • d. reducing injustice, division, corruption and everything that impedes the people of Suriname from growing in a social, social and economic sense.